Good with a keyboard and fluent in gibberish

So last month I published Unholy, a dev containers implementation. “Dev containers” meaning that some or all of your development environment exists in a container.

Ok, so that title is a Spicy Hot Take:tm:, so let’s break that down.

So the Framework mainboard is really designed to be attached to a battery. It runs fine without one. But one of the quirks is that the RTC battery does not last long, and it’ll frequently loose its BIOS settings unless it’s plugged in all the time.

So I’m apparently the kind of sword lesbian that’ll have two different blade projects running at once.

Two facts about me:

This is a follow-up to my previous post about building with containers. It turns out, there’s a way to run ARM containers on AMD64 systems.

So, as part of Gamebear, I want to use some software that’s not part of the Raspbian package repositories, namely uMTP-Responder and gt.

On April 29, SaltStack made releases to Salt v2019.2 and v3000 to fix some CVEs. It turns out, these are pretty serious CVEs. And they’re being exploited in the wild.

So I had an idea. What if we could take PursuedPyBear and stick it in a handheld? And make it easily editable by anyone we walked up to at a conference?

I have seen the light! Let’s Encrypt is well poised to become the SSL key manager for those of us who don’t want to think about TLS. It’s easy to setup and configure, and generally just does the right thing.