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Video to Camera

So I’ve had the idea for a long time to write myself a little script that would configure VLC/Gstreamer/etc to pipe a video file in to v4l2loopback to expose it as a virtual webcam. Then I can just “play” it in Google Hangouts and have virtual movie watching parties, without silly things like “Ok, everyone hit play on 3!”

Unfortunately, there’s some issues, namely:

  • VLC can’t write to v4l2, can only read from it
  • gstreamer 1.0 and v4l2loopback seem to have a bug
  • mplayer can only write to v4l2 with mpeg-encoded streams (???)

So that’s currently blocked, unless I feel like doing some terrible work-arounds involving streaming gstreamer 1.0 to gstreamer 0.10. We’ll see.