Good with a keyboard and fluent in gibberish

From jagunjagun:

Second Query: I am at a loss to find a voice changer, that I can route from a small (but quality) microphone to am amplified personal PA system. There are many novelty voice changers for halloween and such. But none of them are loud, or clear enough to be used in crowded or wide open spaces if being used with a mask that covers my face and muffles the sound of my voice. Any advice? hiltonwalls at gmail com.

Seeing as I’m a maker, I’d have two ideas how to do this:

  1. Tear apart an off-the-shelf voice changer and exchange the speaker or other components for your own to get the behavior you need.
  2. Build your own voice changer

Either way, check what others have done (Hack A Day).

Keep in mind good speakers just take space. You can’t avoid this.