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Leatherbound Pt1: Project Requirements

I’m working on a new project which I thought I’d turn into a series. It’s nothing fancy or sophisticated. The code name is Leatherbound, and it’s a diary/journal web app. This first post I just want to lay out the premise and some of the requirements and guidelines.

  • Easy to use
  • Responsive design

Some of the decisions I’ve made:

  • Using Material design: Because why not? At least it’s not more bootstrap)
  • Google AppEngine: scalable and free limits
  • Google Cloud Storage: I think NoSQL will work better than SQL
  • Python: Obviously
  • Google Login
  • Using Polymer (although that might not be mobile friendly? May ditch it)

Some features:

  • Optionally include events that have occurred since the last post (from Google Calendar)
  • Full WYSIWYG (I’m thinking inspired by hallo.js, but probably re-implemented for material)
  • Embedding media, including photos

Some other random details:

  • First screen after login is the new entry screen, and it should load fast. I figure its the #1 thing people do when they login.
  • May look into Ember? The initial load time is a concern against the previous requirement and Polymer’s already slow loading.

Next time, I’ll be showing the prototype interface I’ve got going so far.

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